BBTS Update: Soundwave, Autorooper, Roadbots

A couple of Transformers items and a line of other much-talked-about transforming robots are on their way to the warehouse of Big Bad Toy Store.  Joel and company are expecting their buyers to acquire some reissue Soundwaves some time next month.  Arriving sooner is the full-sized Kiss-Play Autorooper, expected to get to BBTS in a week or so.  And a shipment of Happy Well Alternator-style Roadbots is on the way and should be in-house by early February.  You can find BBTS' preorder offerings of 1:12, 1:18 and 1:32 scale transforming vehicles in this menu.

Click below to read the full BBTS update, including some news on Transformers busts and a just-arrived Brave toy!


Hi – Here is a quick update from about a ton of new arrivals and some preorder news.  There is a ton of new stuff so be sure to take a look through the big list below including 20 new Anime arrivals.


TRANSFORMING ROADBOTS IN TRANSIT:  Our container of Roadbots is on the water and we expect them here in very early February – the turnaround time on a restock for anything that sells out will be several months so be sure to get your orders in now – these are very cool figures.

STAR WARS SAGA WAVE 9:  The majority of our order will be arriving in around 10 days!  Preorders are still available for full sets of 7 and single figures are also available.

REISSUE SOUNDWAVE:  We expect our network of buyers to be able to supply some of the reissue soundwave figures sometime in February – a limited preorder has been opened at $44.99

MACROSS YF-19:  This awesome new valk is on the way and should arrive to us on January 11th – get your preorder locked in at $199.99 before they are gone.

TRANSFORMERS KISS AUTOLOOPER:  Arriving in about a week, this new Kiss Players Police Mazda is priced at $69.99


HASBRO MARVEL FIGURES:  A variety of new Hasbro Marvel items have arrived.

–GHOST RIDER MOVIE FIGURES:  Waves 1 and 2 have just arrived with many various versions of Ghost Rider, a variety of enemies and also a cool boxed set with cycle.

–MARVEL TITANIUM:  The first round of Titanium figures turned out nicely, Doc Ock, Spider-Man and Green Goblin are priced at $17.49 each and the larger Ghost Rider & Cycle is $23.99

–SPIDER-MAN ORIGINS:  Battle Packs, Waves 1 & 2, role play weapons, and Bump 'n Go figures are all now in stock, check out the wide variety of figures here:

–MARVEL SIGNATURE SERIES:  Eight different 8" figures are now in stock, these figures feature real cloth outfits and decent articulation in the joints found underneath the outfits.  Wave 1 & 2 sets are $64.99 each.

–MARVEL ATTACKTIX:  All but one of the Marvel Attacktix items announced so far are in stock, including booster boxes for $5.49

DISNEY CARS:  Another shipment of the small 1:55 scale cars cases of 18 has arrived.  These cases are priced at $69.99 each and contain a random factory mix of both older and new figures.   Also in stock are the Pullbax mini figures with pull-back motors, Race Track and much more.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA:  The first wave of limited edition Cylon Minimates is now in stock.  Only 500 cases were produced so these will likely be tough to find in the future.  The Classic Cylons are priced at $53.99 per case of 12 and preorders are still available for the Modern Cylons.

STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO DELTA SQUAD:  In stock now for just $29.99 – this limited edition set won't be produced again and they are going quickly.  This set is great for troop building or as a standalone item.

GI JOE VIPER PIT:  The ultimate troop building set, these vipers will fit in well with your 80's Joes, and are great for creating huge dioramas or battle scenes.  In stock now for $21.99 each.

STAR WARS 12" BIB FORTUNA:  Another highly detailed figure from Sideshow, Mr. Fortuna comes with a variety of accessories and is very movie accurate

MARVEL LEGENDS FACE-OFF VARIANTS:  A small number of wave 2 Face-Off variants are now available at $89.99 per set of three 2-packs.

REVOLTECH GETTER 3:  Kaiyodo continues to release a wide variety of Revoltech brand figures – the Getter 3 is significantly different from most of the other Revoltech figures with its unique body style, but they have still managed to keep the articulation high.  Nearly all of the Revoltech items released so far are in stock.

NECA TRAPJAW & MORE MOTU:  The awesome new Four Horseman Trapjaw statue is now in stock for $189.99 and we've also received more Evil Lyn, He-Man, Ram Man, Clawful, Hordak, and Sorceress statues & busts.  The first 3 waves of action figure statues are in stock and more wave 4 will be arriving soon.

GHOST RIDER MAQUETTES:  Sideshow's regular and and Old West Ghost Rider Maquettes are now in stock at $189.99 each.

TONNER DOLLS – SUPERGIRL:  Supergirl and extra outfits are now back in stock.  The new Tonner Wonder Woman dolls should be arriving fairly soon as well.

SOTA'S SPIDER-MAN DELUXE CHESS SET:   Sota has created an awesome 3D chess set with a variety of Spider-Man characters.  You'll have to check out the picture on this one, its worth taking a look.

THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS:  It might be a tad too late for Christmas '06, but you can get a wide variety of YWASC toys now to gear up for '07.  We have a variety of plush, PVC's and action figures in stock including many version of the Heat Miser and Snow Miser.

UPPER DECK ALEX ROSS:  The new high-end Thor and Silver Surfer statues created by Upper Deck have just arrived, very cool items – check them out here:

MARVEL SELECT ULTIMATE HULK:  This one has been sold out for quite some time and its finally back – only $16.99 for a very beefy gray hulk.

JASON VS FREDDY SIDESHOW DIORAMA:  This cool statue is limited to a mere 500 pieces and we have it in stock now at $189.99 – this one is sure to go up in value with so few available.

HOT TOYS – RAMBO FIRST BLOOD:  Sly Stallone looks great with his M-60 Machine gun and a big old string of shells, only $74.99 for this figure.

HARD HERO DEVASTATOR BUST:  Only $32.99 for this huge limited edition Transformers bust from Hard Hero – we just received a restock of these and also have limited numbers of 10 other super-cheap busts in stock.

ANIMATED HELLBOY STATUES:  Abe Sapien and Hellboy himself have a cool new animated look in Dark Horse's latest line.  We have these at $25 below MSRP at $124.99 each.

RAT FINK & SKATEBOARD:  Four different versions of the Rat Fink Sidewalk Surfer figure are now in stock starting at $13.99

KURT COBAIN ITEMS:  A variety of new Kurt items have just arrived including Dog Tags, Lighter & ID Case, Chain Wallet, Mailbag, Wrist Band, Lunchbox, and we also have preorders listed for his various action figures

GENERAL MILLS 12" FIGURES:  Funko brings us large Bobblehead Bank figures of Count Chocula and Frankenberry – just $22.99 each.

BRAVE SERIES GREAT BAAN GAAN:  Just in from CMS Corp in Japan, this is a complicatd little mech priced at just $49.99 – take a look here:

MORE NECA ITEMS:  These items have just arrived – Jack Skellington Mini Bust, Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Leatherface Mini Bust, Davy Jones Mini Bust, Davy Jones Headknocker, NBX Statue Set, Gremlins Gizmo Backpack, NBX 24" Deformed Plush, NBX Lace Panel, POTC Jewelry Box.

ANIME – 20+ different items have just arrived, as usual, skin is in!

PLEASE TEACHER – Dessert Time Mizuho Kazami – $56.99

TANDEM TWIN – Sheep Girl Worara, suprisingly attractive for a sheep…

CHAOS GATE – 1/8 Ignis – very beautiful sculpt – $57.99

IKKI TOUSEN – 1/8 Ryofu – $56.99

NIGHT SHIFT NURSES – 10" Ren – with cool bed style packaging

CANVAS 2 – 1/8 Scale Ekis Housen – $44.99

VAMPIRE SAVIOUR – Lilith 1/8 PVC Statue – Pink & Green versions

FATE/HOLLOW ATARAXIA:  Saber Swimsuit & Sakura Grocery versions

GUX X SWORD:  Bikini Trading Figures and 1/8 Van Figure

LAST EXILE:  Alvis 1/8 PVC Figure – $37.99

MAGICAL GIRL:  Fate Testerossa 1/8 PVC Figure

MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA:  Bunny Outfit Mikuru – red & black

TSUKUYOMI:  Hazuki Dress Version –

MY OTOMOE:  Jujo Shion 1/8 Figure

TO HEART 2:  Lucy Maria Misora 1/8 figure

XENOSAGA:  Excellent 1/8 scale Kos-Mos figure – very nice

Thanks for your interest in – we are really looking forward to all the cool new products coming out in 2007 and we'll keep you updated with info as they are announced by the manufacturers.

Joel & The BBTS Crew