BBTS: “Masterpiece” Soundwave MP3 Player

{mosimage}Awesome and unexpected news has just popped up from a new listing at BBTS!  In answer to the popular question "What is Takara doing for their Transformers line this year?", BBTS has this to say:

"An inventive combination of exciting products, the new Soundwave MP3 player features an all new character mold and fully functional integrated digital music player! Soundwave is available in two colors, the traditional blue color scheme and also an all white color scheme in honor of the iPod. Soundwave's cassette door opens to reveal a Mini SD card reader (Mini SD card is not included). Batteries are requierd, but not included, we are currently not sure what size batteries are required. More information about this cool new MP3 player will be posted as we receive it. Takara requires us to buy equal amounts of each color, so be sure to grab your favorite or save $15 and get both together. The MP3 player will function in both cassette mode and robot mode. We expect this figure to be slightly smaller than the G1 Soundwave so it can fit comfortably in your pocket. "

Listed for $99.99, you can check out these details on BBTS's site here!  Also listed is an Ultra Magnus Ipod docking station.