Autobot Binoculars in Asian Online Auction

Could this be another one of those "everyday robots" or "Real Gear Robots" in the astf line, or is it a custom or a knockoff?  Asian auction site Taobao has a listing, as posted at TFW2005, for what appears to be an Autobot who turns into binoculars.  If this is a movie toy, its bright yellow stands out from the pictures we've seen so far of the cell phone, camera and handheld game bots.  In one of the available pictures at ACToys, as found at Seibertron, we can see a word that looks like "Longview."  Could that be this mysterious bot's name?  We'll keep you posted when this mystery is solved.  Meanwhile, chat about it in Engledogg's thread at the Allspark Forums!