Super-Deformed Movie Toys? “Music and Sports” Focus?

S Nakas brings us news from Hyper Hobby magazine: in an interview with Sato Keita, CEO and Vice President of TakaraTomy, future plans for the franchise (at least on the Japanese side) are for a "Music and Sports" focus (an extension of Kissplay, perhaps?); additionally, "Superdeformed" figures are planned for the movie characters.  While the news is in Japanese, you can click "Read More" for a rough translation.

Thanks to husband and wife team Quezovercoatl and SwiftEagle for bringing this news to our attention. 

It is published to the beginning, several it is touched with Chief Executive Officer vice president Sato Keita interview of TakaraTomy in regard to future TF. According to that, as a photograph taken on the spotm, movie edition commodity Japanese individual "deformer characters" are in the midst of planning. The commodity, whose forms differ from present TF, is related to music and sport are in the midst of developing.