Quick Chat With Dane Cook

{mosimage}I recently had a quick moment to chat with comedian Dane Cook about his involvement in astf.  Dane had previously mentioned in detail what happened to his scene in the movie on his Myspace.com"DaneCast".  For a quick recap, click "Read more" to view our brief conversation.

Daniel Ross says: DANE!

Daniel Ross says: extremely uber quick question..

Daniel Ross says: Anything you want to say to all the transformer fans at the Allspark regarding what happened about the movie?

Dane Cook says: i pulled out of the movie due to a scene change that i didnt care for

Daniel Ross says: Yeah, I heard about that on the DaneCast. Sorry to chat so fiercely.. it's difficult to get a hold of you now a days.

Daniel Ross says: I know you've been very busy..

Dane Cook says: im far too swamped but tell the folks i said SU-FI and its more than meets the eye!

Daniel Ross says: I gotcha man.. be sure to take a breather at some point.. there's less oxygen at the top of the world.


And a big old Allspark SU-FI to you too Dane!