New Titanium, Classics Bios

One has high-powered weapons we've never heard of before.  One is so vain, he probably thinks this story's about him.  One is a soldier's soldier reeling in shock from recent events.  One is in suspended animation – but don't even think about messing with him.  And one makes, um, interesting trophies of each of his kills.

New profiles are up for several forthcoming Transformers Titanium figures and a couple of Classics.  As found in this thread at the 2005Boards and reposted here at the Allspark by Bass X0, the list of profiles includes 6" Titanium figures Sunstorm, RID Optimus Prime, Starscream, War Within Megatron, and both War Within and G1 Ultra Magnus.  The Fallen and Cheetor, though, are missing.  Also profiled are Classics Ramjet, both the Classics and 3" Titanium incarnations of Cliffjumper, and 3" Titanium Sunstreaker.