New Target Movie DPCI Numbers!

Mouth04, Allspark Admin and Target employee, has brought us some interesting news on new DPCI numbers from the Transformers Movie Products.  Here is a list of the latest.

Transformers Authentic Action Figures 087-06-0012 $9.99

Transformers Movie Legends Asst 087-06-1883 $3.99 (take this in conjunction with the listing previously reported for a Transformers Legend 4-pack – 087-06-1074 – $9.99)

Also, confirmation on two listings we previously reported:

Transformers Robovision Optimus 087-06-1846 $19.99 

Transformers Movie Ultimate 087-06-1886 $79.99

The last figure, Movie Ultimate @ $79.99, is a rather interesting entry.  Could this be a new figure size that is larger than Supreme?  Or perhaps a Supreme size figure with extreme detail and transformation complexity?  We will keep you posted.

Thanks to Mouth04 for the lowdown.


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