Movie Trailer Update Information!

{mosimage}Nelson, Michael Bay's website administrator, stopped by the Allspark forums tonight to give us some great updates on the Movie Trailer released today.  Here is what he had to say…

"In the coming days, I think the official TF site will post a trailer with Peter Cullen's voice that was made/edited by a fan. Just to be clear, the edit is not official.

On a side note, studio sources report that the all-time trailer download record was broken today by the TF teaser. It beat Spider Man 3 by a landslide. Just though you would like to know.

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In other news, and perhaps related to the first, Don Murphy stopped by his site today and shared the following…

 "You guys got a major, but subtle alteration made to the trailer ALREADY.

Chills and Cheers are Guaranteed.

Tomorrow morning on the Official Site.

Be there.

I will link to it as soon as I can."

Whether related or two entirely seperate things, we apparently have a lot to look forward to in the coming days.  Stay tuned news hounds!


The astf website has been updated, featuring a newly edited teaser trailer.  Stay through the entire thing for an audio message from Optimus Prime himself!