Michael Bay Speaks!

Well ok, Michael Bay actually speaking is not really all that profound.  He does it often.  However, this particular news item has to do with Mr. Bay dropping by Shoot For the Edit, his forums, and giving us all a little pep talk and insight about the Theatrical Trailer set to release December 22nd.  Here is what he had to say…

"It has been awhile since I've posted. Finished shooting end of Sept., on budget, just came under $300,000. I beat Pearl by a $100,000. I had a great time making this movie, the cast and crew were amazing.

Today I just finished the new teaser for Christmas and I think it's AWESOME! The trailer mixing Guru who does all the big summer movies turned to me and said with a little more ump – it was "f*****g awesome".

I think some of my films have had good teasers but this one is just makes a statement. It's hard edged to show we are not a silly "toy" movie. We show just hints of robots – and almost none of our epic shots are in this teaser, but the movie just looks big. I had a room full of 20 Tranformers adult geeks, and they all applauded at the end.

It comes out the 22nd – see it in the theater! Let me know what you think.

Michael Bay"

Thanks to Nelson, Shoot For the Edit Admin and Allspark Member, for giving us the heads up.  You can see Bay's original post here.