JustiToys Holiday Exclusive!

JustiToys has announced on their website that they will be having a Holiday Exclusive.  Apparently this will be a special release of a WST Robot.  It will be released during the Holiday and limited to 500 pieces worldwide and 10 Lucky Draws.  Could this be a repaint to one of the recent WST Dinobots?  Its hard to tell, but keep checking back for further updates!

**UPDATE**  TFSource has updated with the following information…

"We are happy to announce that the Mystery Character for the WST Stocking Stuffer Campaign 2006 is now unveiled. The mystery figure is Santa Commander, complete with blue color scheme, fuzzy Santa hat and unique box art and front flap – so that you can proudly display your Santa Commander in the package. Best of all, throughout the production run are 10 golden lucky draw pieces, each stocking stuffer is a chance to find one of these rare figures! The WST Stocking Stuffers 2006 are in hand and shipping out now in time for Christmas, so don't delay order your Limited Edition Stocking Stuffer Campaign Figure today!"

You can order at TFSource.com