Classics Reissue Soundwave and G1 Soundwave Comparison

Asian website and forum ACToys has posted a small gallery of images comparing the original Generation One Soundwave to his upcoming counterpart Classics Reissue Soundwave.  The differences aren't great.  The most glaring, of course, is the Soundblaster chest/tape deck that Hasbro decided to use for the reissue.  Enabling Soundwave to carry two cassettes instead of his traditional one.  You can see the gallery here.

This figure was slated to release as a TRU Exclusive this month.  However, only days ago we reported that TRU has sent out a notice to everyone who had preordered this figure that it has been delayed and their reorder cancelled.  Stay tune for the next episode of ….'As the Tape Deck Turns', right here on the Spark.