BBTS Newsletter: 12-6-06

We are beginning to see the start of the slow down we were promised from Hasbro.  Over the last couple of months we have only seen the release of a half dozen different figures, and we will see even less over the next few months.  This slowdown is reflected in the latest newsletter from Big Bad Toy Store.

While there is plenty of product and updates in the newsletter, there is nothing really Transformers related to report on.  However, you can read the entire update by clicking on the link below.

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a big batch of new arrivals and more exciting new preorders




STAR WARS 30TH – WAVE 2: Hasbro has just released images of the next six figures in the 30th Anniversary wave and its another fantastic set! We have sets of 6 new figures listed at $44.99 – this includes one each of:

Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett, Death Star Gunner, Medal Ceremony Luke, Han Solo, Biggs Darklighter, and Rebel Sentry Honor Guard. These are all also available individually at various prices.

STARGATE ATLANTIS: We don't have any images yet, but Diamond Select will be starting a new set of figures based on SG-Atlantis this spring! Five figures have just been announced including Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Wrath, Field Ops Sheppard, and Field Ops Dr. Weir.

GI JOE SIGMA 6: New preorders for both Soldier and Commando grade figures have just been listed. New version of Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow as well as Firefly, Shipwreck and more are up for preorder:

GHOST RIDER MINIMATES: No images on these sets yet, but Diamond will be releasing two-packs for: Blackheart and Ghost Rider, Roxanne and The Caretaker, Johnny Blaze and Mephistopheles as well as the limited Johnny Blaze variant.

STAR TREK – KIRK & KHAN 2-PACK: Another exclusive from Diamond, this Original Series 2-pack features all new sculpts for both figures based on the "Space Seed" Episode – Preorder now at $24.99, $5 under MSRP

2007 CARS MOVIE ITEMS: Mattel keeps the Cars merchandise rolling this spring & summer with new items like: 14" Light & Sound Red the Firetruck, Pit Crew Performance Playset, Radiator Springs 30" Playmat, and Cars 16 vehicle Carry Case. No images on these yet:

WIZARD OF OZ BARBIE DOLLS: We usually don't carry too many Barbie items unless there are comic tie-ins, but this set of figures was so cool we had to list it. Mattel is giving Dorothy, the Wicked Witch of the West, the Good Witch, Munchkins, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and Tinman the Barbie treatment and the results are great with reasonable prcies:

NARUTO DEATH DEFLYERS: A new round of Naruto items will be released this spring, here is one of the first sets Mattel has made available to us:

BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN PREMIUM FORMAT: Sideshow brings us a towering 1/4 Scale version of The Bride – preorders available at $239.99




LEIA & R2-D2 ANIMATED MAQUETTE: This is one of the best-selling statues of the year! Gentle Giant did a fantastic job with this item and thestatue is limited to a reasonable 8500 pieces. In stock now for $73.99

LOST SERIES 1 – MCFARLANE: The packaging turned out extremely well with these, the front flap on each figure's box folds out to show a special trinket or item associated with each character on the show. The Hatch boxed set also looks good – sets are in stock for $84.99 and the Hatch is $24.99

DISNEY'S CARS MOVIE FIGURES: We have a limited number of wave 2 cases of 18 currently in stock – the assortment is great with very few doubles and some new figures included. The Young Mater figure and Dirt Track Racing set are also back in stock. A vareity of Plush figures are also here.

MCFARLANE'S 3D MOVIE POSTERS – JAWS, ALIEN, 13TH: McF did a great job with these three movie posters, each has a ton of detail and a nice depth of ~1.5" of inner details. All these are in stock at $18.99 each.

SPAWN SERIES 30 – THE ADVENTURES OF SPAWN: This set of Spawn figures takes on a decidedly differnt look than normal with an animated style. Sets of 6 figures are in stock for $69.99 – check them out here:

REAL ACTION HEROES – RAH – X3 WOLVERINE: Only $99.99 for the ultimate Medicom 12" version of Wolverine as seen in X3 – a great figure

SERENITY ORNAMENT: This cool ornament is very nicely packaged in a large glossy box and is priced at $18.99 – the ornament is about 6 inches long!

ROBOCOP ED-209: This item was previously pre-sold-out, but we were able to get a few extra pieces. The ED-209 is a HUGE item and is priced at $199.99

SPORTS PICKS NFL SERIES 14: Six new figures and a few variants are now in stock. Figures include Reggie Bush, Steve Smith, Troy Polamalu, Antonio Gates, and Shaun Alexander. We have variants for Bush & Smith.

GUNDAM MEGA BLOKS KITS: These Lego-style kits of the Gundam RX-78-2 and Zaku II are able to capture the essence of these two mechas very well using block construction – In stock now for $99.99 each

30" SAW PUPPET: We have very limited stock of the 30" Saw Puppet prop replica now in stock for $249.99 – excellent item

TONNER DOLL HARRY POTTER ITEMS: Nearly all of the various high-end Harry Potter dolls, outfits and accessories are now in stock here:

REAL ACTION HERO – 24 – JACK BAUER: The standard version and the black suit version of Jack Bauer from Medicom are now in stock at $164.99

ROCKY II: Jakks Pacific's second round of Rocky figures is now in stock for $104.99 – this set includes 11 different figures including various versions of Rocky, Apollo, and the other supporting characters.

STAR WARS: The Master Replicas Mini Stormtrooper Blaster has just arrived and we've also restocked a variety of older items including the Internet Exclusive Wedge Antilles, exclusive Utapau Shadow Trooper, and the Mace Windu FX Lightsaber. Plenty of other SW items are instock here:

TOY VAULT'S NECRONOMICON PLUSH: Probably the most expensive and elaborate plush item we've ever seen, this cool item is limited to only 1200 pieces and has a ton of fun details

18" JOHN LENNON: This large scale figure comes with motion activated sound and is priced at $39.99 – a smaller version is also arriving soon.

SIDESHOW'S MARVEL ARCHIVE SETS: Doc Ock, Hawkeye, and Archangel Archive sets are all now in stock – these are fairly limited so don't miss out:

GUNDAM RAH DX FIGURES: Three more ladies from the universe of gundam are now in stock – Lacus Clyne, Felay Allstar, and Cagalli, Yula Attha are each priced at $49.99 – a variety of others are also available

STAR WARS CLONE WARS BUST-UPS: This set of 8 bust-ups includes three versions of the clone trooper – red, blue, and white. Sets of 8 are available for $43.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew