BBTS End-of-Year Sale

The post-holiday sales are online, too.  Our friends at Big Bad Toy Store are running a 20% off sale on thousands of items, including many in the vintage department.  The end-of-year low prices include extra savings on 40 overstock items, including Classics Prime, Mirage and Bumblebee, e-Hobby's exclusive Galvatron II reissue, 20th Anniversary Prime, Kiss-Play Atari/Autorooper, 6" Titanium Megatron and the Prime vs. Megatron Battlefield statue!

Click below to read the full newsletter from BBTS, including a few other Transformers items.


Hi – Here is a quick update from about a variety of new arrivals, more exciting new preorders and a big new sale for the end of year clearance.

YEAR-END 20% OFF SALE & BONUS ITEMS:  Save 20% on thousands of new retail items as well as thousands of items from the vintage department.  This sale does not apply to 'new' and 'preorder' items, but we've just also just removed the 'new' designation from hundreds of different products! We also have bonus savings on 40 overstocked items.  Check out the list of 40 using the link below and browse the rest of the store to enjoy the 20% off Savings.


STAR WARS – REAL ACTION HEROES:  Medicom has just announced not one, but two highly desireable RAH figures for 2007.   Boba Fett will finally get the RAH treatment, preorders are available for $169.99.   Medicom will also be producing a limited edtion Shadow Stormtrooper – only 3000 pieces will be made worldwide.  The Shadow Stormtrooper is priced at $164.99

HOSTEL FIGURES BY MEDICOM:  Bring home some happy warm feelings (of freshly spilled blood) with the new Hostel figures by Medicom.  They have both a 12" Real Action Heroes version and a 7" action figure version of one of the butchers from Hostel.  They are priced at $164.99 and $39.99 respectively, and should help you make better travel decisions.

LIVING DEAD DOLLS 13:  Mezco has just released images of the highly anticipated 13th wave of LDD figures.   All 5 figures show the results of when your superstitious fears turn out to be true – $99.99 for the set.


–THE FRONT OF ARMAMENT:  Two different RAH figures from this Japanese video game are listed at $139.99 each.

–KAMEN RIDER:  Figure #220 DX Kamen Rider V3 is $99.99

–ULTRAMAN:  A golden 12" King Joe figure from Ultraman is $154.99

TRANSFORMERS ACCESSORY – ENERGY CUBES:  The cool 3/4" acrylic cubes are back in a new package size and lower price per piece!   Get 12 cubes in an attractive new container for $15.99 – a great accessory for creating dioramas and giving your decepticons something to lust after.

GAIKING – DAIKU MARYU 24" VINYL FIGURE:  This immense figure comes with three miniature vinyl characters and is packed in a large display box.  Preorders are listed at $189.99 and this figure is definitely worth a look

GUNDAM MSIA EXCLUSIVE:  We've just listed the 2006 Gundam Expo Strike Gundam variant figure at $34.99  This new version of the Strike Gundam has a nifty metallic paint job and clear shield.

UFO ROBO GRENDIZER:  Yamato brings us a new 1/6 scale PVC statue of the lovely Maria Freed.   Maria is posed attractively with an extremely low cut space jacket.  Preorder price is $69.99

AIR GEAR:  Yamato's Creator's Labo #009 item is a 1/6 statue of Simca, only 100 pieces of this statue will be imported to the USA.


GI JOE VIPER PIT:  Hasbro was able to get a big pile of these out the door to us on their last day of shipping for the year, all preorders will fill later this week and we have some open stock available for new preorders.  Reserve yours now for just $21.99 – one of the best GI Joe items every released and the ultimate troop builder set.

REPUBLIC COMMANDO DELTA SQUAD:  Another big round of this Internet Exclusive item is arriving soon.  Hasbro will only be producing this item once and they are nearly out of stock so be sure not to miss out – preorder now at $29.99 and we'll ship in a few days when they arrive.


MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE WAVE 4:  NECA and the Four Horsemen continue to release extremely nice pieces at reasonable prices.  This set contains all bad guys – Webstor, Snake-Face, and Leech – In stock for $56.99

HALO 2 – LIMITED EDITION WAVE 2:  More limited run repaints have just been released including the Prophet of Regret, Teal Multiplayer Elite, and Jackal with Beam Rifle – in stock now for $44.99

STIKFAS RESTOCK:  All of the new Stikfas including Archangel, Demoness, Domewalker, and 14" Bronze are back in stock and many other Stikfas are available at 20% off.

SUPERMAN 1/4 SCALE MUSEUM STATUE:  A big and beefy new statue from DC Direct, this one stands about 18" tall and is priced $20 under the MSRP at $274.99

BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT:  The Vintage Department has listed a wide variety of items this afternoon including G1 Transformers, Japanese Beast Wars, Reissue Transformers, Japanese G1, MASH, Chogokin, Dukes of Hazzard, Lone Ranger, and a variety of other items.

CHILD'S PLAY CHUCK:  A 12" Chucky Doll packaged in authentic 'Good Guys' style packaging is now in stock for $94.99

MORTAL KOMBAT SERIES 3:   We have a limited number of these left in stock, but more series 2 and 3 are on the way.  These figures are made by Jazwares and represent each of the characters nicely.

CHEWBACCA GENTLE GIANT BUST:  In stock now for $44.99 – Gentle Giant continues to be the leader in realistic looking mini busts.

GREEN LANTERN MINI PROP:  The Hal Jorden Power Battery Mini Prop Replica is now in stock for $82.99 – these are limited to a fairly small amount worldwide.

CARS LIGHTNING SPEEDWAY:  Its time for some figure-8 racing fun and the unavoidable high speed head-on crashes.  This set comes with Lightning McQueen and is priced at $19.99.  Most of the other cars characters can also race on this set.

STAR WARS REPUBLIC GUNSHIP:  The TRU Saga Exclusive Clone Wars Gunship is now in stock for $74.99 – this is the ship with the wild paint job that is great for lugging around a crew of Clone Troopers.

MASTERPIECE ULTRA MAGNUS MP-02:  A small number of these have just arrived, they are available for $139.99.  I'm not sure we'll be able to find any meaningful supplies after this so don't miss out.

BUFFY / ANGEL – SPIKE PUPPET:  A giant 21" plush pupper version of Spike is now in stock for $47.99

ANIME GIRLS:   Another round of PVC beauties

–TANDEM TWIN LYNX GIRL – TOPAZ:  A nice repaint of an extremely popular figure from Yamato.

–CREATOR'S LABO STATUE #002 – BURST ANGEL MEG:  In stock for $68.99

–IKKI TOUSEN SONSAKU – Standard School Girl skirt and tiny top fare

-KINGDOME HEARTS – KAIRI – Back in stock for $22.99

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take advantage of the big sale before it ends on Friday.

Joel & The BBTS Crew