Transformers Movie Set to be 1st of 3

It may not come as a big shock to some, but in a recent interview with, young Transformers star Shia LaBeouf shared that he has signed for a three movie deal.  Here is a short clip of what he had to say…

"Shia LaBeouf: “Yeah. The biggest movie in Hollywood. You don’t get bigger than $250 million robots blowing up the world. I don’t plan on making any other – I mean, I’m going to do Transformers 2 and 3 so that will be my Lord of the Rings.”

You’ve signed on to 2 and 3?

Shia LaBeouf: “Yeah, I’m gonna do it. That will be my Lord of the Rings and then I’ll just make indies the rest of my time, for a long time."

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