TFTM DVD Easter Egg

Well, the new Sony Anniversary edition DVD of the animated Transformers movie isn't technically released to retail yet, but people who got an early copy are already finding Easter Eggs!  Starskweek of the TFans forums has discovered something and reported it for everyone's enjoyment:

"At the title screen, make sure the top option (bonus features) is selected, then push your left arrow button on your DVD remote twice, which will highlight the bottom option (Play) in the menu, then it will highlight the faction symbol on the title screen (It switches from Autobot to Deciepticon). Pushing 'enter' on your remote while the faction symbol is highlighted will start the Easter Egg, which is *SPOILER* Three Japanese Diaclone toy commercials – Convoy, the bots that would become the first series Autobots (Jazz, Bluestreak, etc), and the bots that would become the Constructicons/Devastator."