TF “6” Titaniums Distribution Changing At Target?

Kickback of TFW2005 reports that retail chain Target lists Transformers Titanium "6" line as "NCF". This more or less means; Not Continuing Forward, that it won't be replenished.

This could mean various things. It might be that Target won't be carrying the line anymore.
Or that they will hold off the line for a while. Or maybe Hasbro making changes in their assortments or something like that. Whatever the case, it might indicate that finding Transformers "6" Titaniums will be more difficult after the Scourge/Optimal wave hits. We will follow this story and let you know of we get any new info about this. 

Go here to see Kickback's original thread at TFW2005.

Thanks to Super_Megatron and of course Kickback of TFW2005 for the news.