Presents Weird Latin American Mini-Bots

You're probably used to a cheerful yellow-hued Bumblebee and a gloomy orange and blue Huffer, right?  Well, if you lived in Latin America or parts of Europe during the early 80s, your Bumblebee was white with a creepy red face, and your Huffer was lacking all of his characteristic orange, closely resembling his cousin Pipes.

"Puffer", as article author Maz has named him, was released by Mexican toy manufacturer IGA as a cut-rate reoplacement for the re-molded Pipes.  Why?  Read Maz's article here .

And as for the oddly pale Bumblebee? As far as Maz knows, it's the only one still in existence, as many of these off-color Mexican Transformers figures have simply ceased to be after 20 years.  Read the fascinating story here

Thanks to Maz and his crew for bringing us details abut Puffer and… Humblebee ?