Richard Marcej Publishes G1 Boxart

There are quite a few people who appreciate the box art on the Transformers packaging enough that it can mean the difference in a sale of a new toy…good art means a purchase, poor art means a shelfwarmer.  Those same people will be thrilled to hear that some of the G1 boxart has been published in a book!

I Thought you might like to know that I have just published two books.

One book is a 48 page digest book featuring much of the artwork I did while working as a package and toy designer there. It's called My Artwork and Designs at Hasbro 83'-89' and showcases the toys I worked on included Transformers, Battle Beasts, G.I.Joe, Inhumanoids, and more. It's just $5.
For a free preview, you can check here
 and here

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