News from Hyper Hobby Magazine

Japan-based Allsparker GaoKaiser brings us word from the latest issue of Hyper Hobby magazine, a Japanese publication that often spotlights Transformers.  According to his report, 2007 will feature two lines: the Japanese release of the movie-based figures (presumably the same figures we're getting over here), as well as another series featuring what he describes as "daily necessities".  Could this line be a home for those mysterious Cellphone, Digital Camera and Portable Game Transformers seen on the Japanese patent office's website?

 Additionally, the Beast Wars series will be rebroadcast on Japanese television, and some toys will be re-released.  One can assume they'll be getting the Beast Wars anniversary figure from this bit of info.

The Japanese market will see the Transformers movie around the same time we do, as it's slated for release in summer 2007.

 And a final note, the Classics line may see a release in Japan, although Mister Kaiser did not elaborate on that.

 More, like always, as it develops! You can discuss it all here on our forums.