New TF Guides Listed

Allsparker ZacWilliam1 has posted some great news for fans of the Ultimate Guides and similar books:

"At work today I found a couple new TF books in our computer system for next year. The first was a new, paperback edition of the DK Transformers: Ultimate Guide. It's coming out 5/21/07 and since the original was only 144 pages and this one clocks in at 152 it's safe to assume it's updated with 8 new pages. $16.99 ISBN# 0756630126

The second is a NEW DK Transformers: Visual Guide. These tend to be a LOT more focused on visual reference and diagrams. It's 72 pages. $19.99 ISBN#0756630134. Same release date as the above.

The last is a new toy collectors guide to Transformers. It's by a Mark Bellomo, 256 pages and supposedly features 1,000 color pictures. It's due out 5/9/07, runs $24.99 and the ISBN# is 0896894452."

You can see ZacWilliam1's post here.


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