Mrs. Witwicky: Exposed, a theatre and Movie information website has posted an article spotlighting Julie White, the actress set to play Mrs. Witwicky in the upcoming Transformers film.  Interestingly enough, it would appear her take on Michael Bay is a bit different than young star Shia LaBeouf's, which we read about yesterday.  Here is a tidbit from the article which you can find here.

"Out of the blue, I get a really nice part in the big, honkin' summer blockbuster 'Transformers'!," White told "I got in it and here's [director] Michael Bay who was so much fun to work with I can't tell you. I thought he would be like some kind of crazed, you know, megalomaniacal control freak and he is exactly the opposite."

Thanks to our friends at for digging this one up.