Masterpiece Megatron to be Diecast!

Fantofan has updated their site again today with some new information about Masterpiece Megatron.  Here is what they had to say.

We have received somemore info on the MP-05 Megatron, including a history of Megatron (small picture of the MP-05 set & parts included). Takara-Tomy is closing preorders for this on the 18 Dec. 

New info includes:
– Kremzeek figure included (different mold from the one that comes with Kiss Players Autorooper x Atari)
– Working Trigger action when in Gun mode
– Same size as MP-01 G1 Convoy!!
– LED gimmick in scope
– Die-cast parts
– Memorable accessories include energy mace, laser-cutter and gun from Transformers: The Movie (used by Megatron in the fight with Optimus Prime).
– New transformation designs and concepts, for example moving the trigger part to the legs, improving overall Robot proportion.
– Due to toy gun regulation in the US, Walter P-38 Megatron was never in the plans when the Japan team worked with the US team. MP-05 Megatron is designed and developed solely by the Japan team, solely for the Japan market.

You can see the full update here