Kmart Classics Cost Less!

Kmart Classics Cost Less!  Say that three times fast and then run down to your local Kmart where you just might be able to faniggle a deal on these great figures.  Allspark member Scavenger stopped by to share with us how he was able to get a deal on his classics figures and how you might also be able to as well!  Here is what he had to say…

"check out my local Kmart and found a whole load of classics. They all ring at $10.99 as Deluxes….
also there is a sale going for all deluxes for 8.99…so I talked to the manager and told him these are under the sales banner AND are Deluxes (says so on the computers too) so with no problems they adjusted the price to 8.99…
happy hunting"

You can see Scavenger's original post here.  Thanks for the news Scavenger!