Kiss-play Cassettes?

If the headline caused you to double take, don't worry, it made us too.  Allspark forum member gaoKaiser has brought us news of an unusual kind.  No matter your thoughts of the Kiss-Play line, it looks like Takara is going to be throwing more figures into it.

In this post by gaoKaiser it appears that Takara, through the vehicle of an E-hobby exclusive has plans to reissue some of the G1 cassettes with Kiss-play CDs.  Being labeled as 'Kiss Pre Position' here is what E-hobby had to say on this set…

"It is a set of Original Colored Cassettes with a special CD, which is an item in conjunction with a radio program called  “Transformers Kiss-pre TF Information Office” for Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc. The Original Colored Casettes are made with the coloring thought by three voice actors, “Lyrian”, “Yui Kano”, and “Satomi Akesaka”, who now perform on the program. On the special CD, there includes the re-arranged opening theme song of the first TF series in Japan, “TRANSFORMER”, which is covered by the three actors. Of course, the package is illustrated by Yuki Ohshima himself. As these cassettes entry into the war, a new turn will happen to the Kiss-pre World…!?"

Thanks for the news gaoKaiser!