Freebie with 20th Anniversary DVD at HMV in Canada

Chris Parasyte, winner of the Most Disturbing Avatar award and Allspark Member, has posted the following…

"Not sure if this has been posted or not. I work at HMV, a pretty major chain CD/DVD store in Canada, and this morning we had free T-Shirts to give away to anyone who purchased the new release of Transformers The Movie. We only got about 8 at my store, but it is a smaller HMV store, so other locations might've gotten more.

The shirt features an Autobot logo printed on a navy blue shirt, with "Transformers: The Movie, 20th Anniversary Special Edition" underneath, and only came in size L. But seeing as the DVD is priced at $15.99 to begin with, getting a free shirt makes a pretty good even better!"

And we agree!  A free Transformers T-Shirt is a great deal for our Canadian friends.