E-Hobby Update:Images of Kiss-Play Cassettes

Japanese website E-Hobby, known for their awesome repaints, has once again updated their website with new info and pictures of the latest planned repaints.  As earlier reported, these repaints will fit into the Kiss-play line and will be molds of some of the most popular G1 cassettes.

Here you will find the new images of these cassettes which include the molds for Ravage, Eject and Laserbeak and are named "Rosanna" (Eject/Rewind) – Cybertron (Autobot), "Sundol" or "Sundor" (Laserbeak) – Cybertron (Autobot) and "Glit" (Ravage) – Destron (Decepticon).  One of these three is the Cybertron Idol!

Simon Cowell could not be reached for comment.