Contests Are The Right Of All Sentient Beings

For those of you who've been following the "Make Optimus Prime Speak" contest that the movie's producers have been running, you'll know of its ups, downs, and barrel rolls. Well, the contest is finally at an end, and the folks over at have announced their winner:

A man known only as Carl, of Norristown, Pennsylvania, was one of the doubtless hundreds who submitted "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings" (a line, incidentally, that Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime has never spoken; Garry Chalk as Optimus Primal has, but never Cullen), and that was the line the producers chose for Optimus to speak.

Runners up included "That's how I roll" and "Transform and roll out", both of which will be featured as downloadable mobile phone ringtones in coming months, and the remaining seven runner-up lines will be recorded by Peter Cullen for download from the movie's official website.

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