BBTS Update 11/6/2006

We've just gotten an update from our friends at BBTS, featuring some of the upcoming items for sale on their website.  Listed below are Transformers and Transformers-related items, and you can click "Read More" at the bottom to see the rest of the newsletter: 

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a variety of exciting new preorders and another round of new arrivals!


TRANSFORMING ROADBOTS:  If you enjoy Transformer Alternators, you are sure to like the new Transforming RoadBots from a company called Happy Well.  This line comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 1:32, to 1:18 and giant sized 1:12 licensed cars that turn into robots.   We imported a variety of samples to inspect the workmanship before listing them on our site, and we were nicely surprised with the quality, transformations, and overall coolness of the RoadBots line.   These are very reasonably priced with a $9.99 price on 1:32, $19.99 on 1:18, and $34.99 on the ~15" 1:12.  Some of the vehicles available include a fantastic Lamborghini Murcielago, Hummer
H2, and a variety of Toyota & Mitsubishi models.


TRANSFORMERS CLASSIC WAVE 2:  Our shipment of Wave 2 Deluxe figures will be here in about a week!   We still have preorders open for sets of 6, full cases of 8, and single pieces of Mirage.   We'll be restocking all the wave 1 figures at that time also, so your preorders won't be waiting
for long.


BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT:  Another nice batch of Japanese G1 Transformers has just been listed including some very hard to find items like Grand Maximus and Black Zarak.  Check out all the boxed goodies here:



MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE STATUES & BUSTS:  NECA & The Four Horsemen have unleashed two great new sculpts for the MOTU series.  A new Zodak 10" mini bust has been listed at $39.99 and the very awesome 15" Trapjaw Statue has been listed at $189.99

STREET FIGHTER ROUND 1:  We've found a small supply of the long-gone SOTA Round 1 figures!   Ryu, Evil Ryu (Japanese Exclusive) Chun Li, M Bison, and Sagat are all up for preorder at the very reasonable price of $11.99 ($12.99 for Evil Ryu)  This is a great chance to fill in your collection if you missed the first wave from several years ago.

MEDICOM RAH & VCD GHOST RIDER:  Medicom continues two of its most popular styles of figures with the Real Action Hero and Vinyl Collection Doll versions of Ghost Rider.  These are up for preorder at $96.99 and $54.99 respectively.  Check them out here:

MACROSS / JETFIRE STYLE – VARIABLE CYBERBOT:  This item is also made by Happy Well (the makers of RoadBots)  Its basically a knockoff version of a Macross Valkyrie – similar to the Jetfire mold.  They offer a variety of knockoff style products, but this was the only one we found worthy of presenting to you.  It has a gray color scheme and is priced right at only $12.99!   The quality will be lower than an actual Macross product, but if you need a bunch of them for cannon fodder, or want to build a fleet of nameless drones, this would be your mech.

REAL ACTION HEROES – EVANGELION:  The Bandaged version of Rei Ayanami is up for preorder at $109.99, this is another high quality item from Medicom and will be arriving in early 2007.

HOT TOYS SOCOM U.S. NAVY SEALS:  Hot Toys brings us the Commander Specter figure from the hit video game for only $77.99.  This 12" figure has a TON of gear and many many intricate details.  Check out the photos here:

HELLBOY BOBBLE HEADS:  Sideshow brings bobbing head versions of Hellboy, Kroenen, and Sammael.  Each is priced at only $12.99

GWEN STEFANI FASHION DOLLS:  BBTS will be receiving our shipment from the very first wave of dolls to be released!  Get your preorders in now, we have only a limited number left and may not be able to get more after the first wave sells out.


SOUL OF CHOGOKIN – GX-13 DANCOUGAR:  This complex piece has been sold out for quite some time, but Bandai has finally reissued it!  In stock now at $219.99 – this one has lots of multi-robot combining fun, die-cast metal parts, and an overall great level of toy engineering.

STAR WARS SAGA – COLLECTIBLE TINS:  The 4-pack with collector tins have just arrived, we have Episodes I, II, and III in stock with the rest arriving soon.  Each tin is $29.99 and it comes in a very attractive double-window box that clearly displays the opened tin as well as the 4 packaged figures.

MOTU STATUES – SERIES 3:  Mantenna, Sorceress, and Tung Lashor are now in stock at $56.99 for the set of 3 statues.  This series has been wildly popular because of the amazing sculpts The Four Horsemen have put together for NECA.  Preorders for waves 4 and 5 are also available.

RESIDENT EVIL 10TH ANNIVERSARY:  An awesome set of 4 figures that goes back to the game that started it all – The zombie figure even comes with a doberman Hellhound – $49.99 for the full set.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2:  Jack Sparrow and cohorts are back with NECA's second wave of figures for the sequel.   This wave includes Elizabeth Swan, Jack Sparrow (each with a palm tree), Palifico, and Bootstrap Bill – in stock for $45.99

REVOLTECH SILVER EVA-04:  The latest figure from Kaiyodo is now in stock for just $19.99.  Ultra poseable and a nice companion piece to all the other Eva's.  Check out all the revoltech items here:

STAR WARS MODEL KITS:  We've restocked 18 different kits from Ertl.  These kits are all very reasonably priced, even for the larger sized items.  Check out the full list of kits here:

SPORTS PICKS NFL 12:  We've restocked all the figures from Series 12 and they are now available for around $10.49 each.

NINTENDO DOTS:  Super Mario Brothers 3 dots have just arrived – these are available for $15.99 each and many other dots kits are available.

AOSHIMA'S BLACK GETTER:  This Getter figure also comes with a Dr. Saotome bonus figure!  High quality and imported from Japan – $104.99

KISS PLUSH FIGURES:  New releases from Toy Vault – the KISS Plush figures each stand around 15" tall and are priced under MSRP at $21.99 each.

GUNDAM ACTION FIGURES:  A variety of new arrivals including Strike Gundam IWSP, Savior Gundam, Gouf Ignited, Re-GZ, Akatsuki Gundam, and Zeong are now in stock.

MASTER REPLICAS STAR WARS HELMETS:  The Clone Trooper LE Helmet is back in stock for $334.99 – the Cadillac of helmets.

BRAVE GOKIN GAOFIGHAR:  Imported from Japan and made by CM's Corporation.  This cool mecha weighs in at $199.99, comes in a large box and includes all the goodies you'd expect – check it out here:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many new items listed above.  We hope this helps improve your Monday!

Joel & The BBTS Crew