BBTS Clarifies Alternators Status

Given the recent confusion over when, or even if Alternators Rumble and Ravage would be released, and if the line is cancelled, put on hiatus until next year, etc, we went to Allspark sponsor for some help on where these figures currently stand (or, fall over, if they're top-heavy).  Here was Joel's response:

"Hi!  They will be coming out normally – Hasbro Marketing seems to have skipped a wave when releasing info to us – so we have the 2007 wave 2 info instead of the 2007 wave 1 info.  Once wave 1 is ready to be announced (which I assume will have at least one of the new figures) we'll post preorders again.  There won't be any supply issues, just an information release problem on Hasbro's part.  I've not verified the wave 1 vs wave 2 info with Hasbro – just drawing logical conclusions, but they did tell me the figures will definitely be released.

Joel Boblit

Thanks Joel!  You can discuss this information in this thread.