Arblus Did What In The Who Now?

Fantastic secrets were revealed to us the day Monzo and The Wombat King held aloft their magic keyboards and said, "By the power of compulsive fandom!"  Combing almost every frame and deleted storyboard, these two maniacs have come up with some items about Transformers: The Movie that you might not have known.  For instance, it wasn't Arblus screaming for Kranix as Unicron devoured Lithone at the opening of the film– Arblus is the dude fed to the Sharkticons during the "mockery of justice" on Quintessa right before Kranix meets his own end.  Wreck-Gar's "girlfriend" bot from "The Big Broadcast of 2006" is actually a Lithonian female named "Nancy"!

All this and more can be found by perusing this thread on our forums.