6″ Titanium Testshot Monday!

Thanks to Allspark board member Bass XO for giving us the heads up on a new ebay auction.  This ebay auction, from SPX_Toys features a testshot of the upcoming 6" Titanium release of RID Optimus Prime.  As with many of SPX_Toys' auctions, the pictures are big and show the figure in both Alt and Robot modes.

Once you take a gander, you can chat it up in Bass XO's thread here.

Allspark board member The DOCTOR Megs clued us into this next testshot from the same seller.  Rumor abounded on when we'd see a Starscream repaint of the War Within Thundercracker figure after he was absent at Botcon.  Now we have confirmation that this figure is indeed on its way.  You can see the auction here and chat about it here.