20th Anniversary DVD Release – Retailer Extras!

While there are no official TF Movie 20th Anniversary DVD deals, Wal-Mart has chosen to pack an Autobot insignia iron-on with the recently released DVD, at no additional cost. Those of you that wants the DVD and could like this insignia as well, should check out their nearest Wal-Mart!

Suncoast gives away something special as well, you get a free lithograph with purchase of the DVD. The litho can be seen here. Check out your nearest Suncoast for this one.

Future Shop, a Canadian retailer, is giving out either an Autobot or Decepticon exclusive insignia magnet with the DVD, see them here and here.

Many thanks to TFW2005 members Deefuzz ( Staff), Hook, Wolfnfox, TealShark and Dayvcon for this news.


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