Vince Dicola: “Thanks TF Community”

Vince Dicola.  Do you recognize that name?  If not, its time to educate yourself!  Vince Dicola is the man behind the composition of the animated TF:TM music.  He's also worked on movies like Rocky IV and the sequel to Saturday Night Fever.  Recently, Vince stopped by the Don Murphy boards to give us this message…

"Hello to all,

I am presenting this piece of music as a special "Thank You" to all my friends from the Transformers community…

Click this link to listen and get to the song ! It is called Transformers Suite 2006.

Some of you may recall hearing this arrangement when I performed it at the last convention I attended years ago. My partner Kenny Meriedeth and I began re-working my original arrangement about a year ago and we continued to work on it even after learning that a composer had been chosen to score the new live action film. As you will hear, this piece features some 'snippets' from my score to the 1986 animated movie, along with the original Transformers theme presented in an updated fashion.

I hope you enjoy this music and we wish everyone the best on the new movie.

Thanks again to all my fans!

Vince DiCola "