Universe Basics Wave 2 Out?

Nevermore of the Allspark forums stopped by early this AM to give us this tid bitty of information.


US based ebay seller choirgirlj has listed an auction of Universe Basics from wave number two.  The auction includes Wideload, Energon Saber and Treadshot.  This could indicate that the wave has been released, but is no guarentee.  This is what Nevermore had to say.

"Last August, the first wave of Energon Basics repackaged on "Universe" cards was available from Family Dollar stores, later also from Dollar General and Ocean State Job Lot stores. The wave consisted of: Windrazor, Arcee, "Strong Arm" (actually the "Energon Strongarm" repaint), Doom-Lock, Perceptor and Insecticon.

Last October, there was a wave of Energon Deluxes repackaged on "Universe" cards available from Big Lots, later also from Tuesday Morning stores. The wave consisted of: Storm Jet, Steamhammer, Barricade and Sharkticon.

This July, four more "Universe" Basics popped up in sample packaging, seen at a Chinese auction site. The toys were: Wideload, Terradive, Signal Flare and Energon Saber.

Now, an auction from a US seller might indicate that his wave has been released. The auction features Wideload, Energon Saber and Treadshot, the latter of whom hasn't been among the samples from the Chinese auctions. Chances are the wave might also feature a sixth, at this point still unknown, Basic."

 You can see the auction in question here and then talk about it in Nevermore's thread here.