Transformers Monopoly Game In The Works?

According to an poster at, there might actually be a Transformers Monopoly game in the works. The poster, named TransformersMonopoly, seems to be an employee of USAopoly, a company that basically works for and with Hasbro among others to create board games based on liscenses of shows, movies, franchises and companies. USAopoly makes the Nintendo Monopoly game for example.

He is currently looking for help on how to make the game, which will as mentioned be a Transformers styled monopoly game. 


Anyone that is a member of the board, could perhaps pay the thread a visit and  come with some suggestions. In any case, the thread can be found right here.

Many thanks to TFW2005 member Masterblaster and of course TransformersMonopoly/TFArchive for this news.  


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