Transformers Heroes: More Rumors

The Transformers Cybertron cartoon has been over for a couple of months and the fans have been speculating as to when the next series would be out and exactly what the series would include.  We've heard some random news here and there but most of it has been rumor.  The Hasbro people at Botcon weren't willing to discuss much outside of confirming that it would be written on this side of the ocean instead of in Japan.   Since then, we've heard from Allspark's own Mouth04 about the auditions for Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus, Prowl, Starscream plus some human characters taking place in LA.

Now we have this from the folks at TFW2005.

"The company handling the casting is none other than Susan Blu's Blupka Productions. Susan Blu voiced Arcee in the original G1 movie and cartoon, and also was behind the voice direction for Beast Wars. Also of note, the Optimus Prime character is younger than the rest of the cast, and is described as a Fire Truck. The agents are looking for a voice similar to a "Young Tom Hanks" for Prime. Megatron is being casted with a voice similar to Jeremy Irons aka "Scar" from the Lion King."

This is some interesting news, but without a named source we will have to chalk this up to rumor until confirmed.