Transformers Card Game, Probably Not!

Last week we reported on a Wizards of the Coast online poll that was measuring interest on a possible Transformers Collectible Card game.  Well, the results are in and it doesn't look like Wizards will be too hot on making a card game after reading them.  Here are the poll results from their website.

How interested would you be in purchasing a Transformers Collectible game made by Wizards?

1. (not at all) 7223 – 62.1%
2. (slightly interested) 1237 – 10.6%
3. (moderately interested) 1037 – 8.9%
4. (very interested) 545 – 4.7%
5. (extremely) 1593 – 13.7%

Worry not Transfans, Allspark has you covered.  In the near future we will be unveiling a brand new Transformers Online Card Game.  The staff have been working on this for near four months now and we are nearing completion.  You can read a little more about it in this thread at the Allspark.


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