Toys R Us Sale!

Allspark Forum member Fortress Ironhold has stopped by the Transformers Discussion forum to let us know that Toys 'R' Us is having a sale.  You can see Fortress Ironhold's thread here.  In it he says they are advertising Cybertron Deluxes on sale for $7.99.  That is down from their usual $9.99.

Your Allspark staff tries their best to be factual about reported sales, but sometimes it is inevitable that a mistake is made or that a particular sale is regional or even just local.  We strongly recommend that you call before venturing out to confirm the sale is in your area.  However, at times the Allspark staff will try to confirm a national sale first by going out and visiting the store in question.  I visited Toys R Us today and can confirm that the Deluxe sale is on in our area also.  In addition to the Deluxe sale, I also found Cybertron Primus endcapped and on sale for $42.99.  His regular price is $49.99.

Good luck everyone!