Target Sale?

Kickback, of the TFW2005 boards, posted this earlier today.

Apparently his local 'non super' Targets have Transformers Cybertron on sale.  His local Target has Leader Class at 50% off and Ultra Class at 25% off.  The sale included some of the figures in the latest wave released.

In an effort to verify this sale before posting it here at the Spark, I went out and checked two of my local 'regular' Target stores.  One had a leader class figure for 25% off and the other had neither Leader or Ultra on sale.  It would appear this sale is not even at all regular Target stores.  Or perhaps it simply hasn't reached the stores in my area.

With that information, we recommend that you call to verify if you local Target has these figures on sale prior to venturing out.  We also want to emphasize that Kickback specifically stated that this was not at Super Targets, only regular Targets.

Good luck!