Simon Furman Panel #2 Notes

One of the final panels today, Simon Furman held a second session to talk shop and do a Q&A with his fans at Botcon.  Among the most interesting points discussed:

-IDW continuity is brand new in every possible way.  Simon is deliberately trying NOT to use previous continuities' characters and events except in specific circumstances.

-He is hoping to do more Spolight issues if IDW says yes.  Among the likely candidates: Soundwave (pivotal in Escalation), Galvatron (who will NOT be Megatron, and who is tied into Nightbeat spotlight).  Those two will either show up in a spotlight or the ongoing book.  Actually Simon would do Spotlights for anyone except Wheelie.

-Doubledealer may be appearing sooner than you think!

-Simon reads the boards frequently for feedback, so if you post criticism, make sure and explain WHY you are unhappy!

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-May consider exploring TF society pre-war, if there's a reason to in a future story.
-Flashbacks would not be the same as TWW.  IDW is being built from scratch.
-Magnus one-shot will have a character who will have a major bearing on the other IDW books.
-Stormbringer/TWW similarities are coincidental
-Would love to do Death's Head again but he's a Marvel character and the Amazing Fantasy run didn't do well enough to warrant a solo book.
-Liege Maximo story is done with Alignment, we won't see him again.
-Not really interested in putting "Another Time, Another Place" online, that would have to be done by Titan or someone else.
-Not really interested in doing TF "What If?" stories because IDW is almost a What-If story.
-Are you under obligation to use movie characters in the comic (Bumblebee, Jazz, etc)? – No, that's a separate entity, Hasbro doesn't push us to expose different characters.
-Hoping to do more Spolight issues if IDW says yes.  Soundwave (pivotal in Escalation), Galvatron (not Megatron, tied into Nightbeat spotlight) either in spotlight or ongoing.  Will do anyone except Wheelie.
-Simon would be interested in using any UK or Japanese G1/G2 characters, but would reinvent them for the IDW continuity.
-Primacron is not the same as the cartoon Primacron.  It was a coincidence that he used the name.
-Jhiaxus Spotlight?  Would have to rethink the character…probably not.
-Doubledealer sooner than you think!
-More cross dimensional stuff in Nightbeat, but not a whole lot
-Does watch boards for feedback, especially the IDW boards.  If you post criticism, qualify the answer with what you are upset about! Usually the criticism and feedback isn't showing up until he's already 5-6 issues down the line but he is still listening.  Took criticism of pacing of Infiltration, trying to speed things up as a result.
-Techno X would have tied into any mechanical/bio-mechanical characters (Machine Man, Jakasta, Vision, etc)
-No origin story in place yet for IDW-verse, but would try not to copy exactly what has happened before.
-Envisaging the stories at least 4 years down the line and trying to put in story points that will pay off in future books.
-Stormbringing was sort of planned to be a weekly event over one month, but changed because Diamond was resistant to it.  Stormbringer fulfilled the need for this type of story at the time, but for now they are focusing on spotlights, infiltration, escalation, and the following series.
-Is Primacron Unicron and Primus combined? Staying away from Unicron even though the Ultimate Guide says he and Primus were once the same character.
-He does a detailed story breakdown for each arc and sends it to IDW and Hasbro, which gets tweaked for the final comic.
-Does he want to work with previous TF artists like Manny Gallen from G2?  Always open to have everyone come back, but they've all moved on and are too busy.