Rumour Rundown: MP-05 Megatron, Heroes Optimus Voice, Titanium 3″ Release

Well, this morning's news includes quite a few questionable or preliminary items for your perusal.  Please keep in mind that these items are quite possible false, or items which are still in the planning stages, and therefore may change at any time.

1) MP-05 will be Masterpiece Megatron, released in March 2007 at the same price point as MP-04 (Optimus with trailer)!

  • TFW2005 is reporting this via from the Canadian 80's Toy Expo.  Likewise, TFormers is reporting it via Digital-Toys, along with an image from the (reported fake at Botcon) Abrams Megatron art.  You can discuss your thoughts on this in triangleman's thread here.
  • Along with the rumours of MP-05, the same sources are starting to report that Takara is in fact DENYING the previous reports of a G1 reissue of Megatron!  Ack!
  • Heat Guy of the 2005Boards is reporting finding Titanium 3" Thundercracker and Rodimus at a Hastings in Oklahoma (no receipt pic yet).  You can talk about this in Nevermore's thread, or post your store sightings in our Sightings Forum!
  • Cuddles1977 of has reported some very unexpected news about David Kaye (voice of Megatron in nearly every Transformers cartoon to date) and his involvement in the upcoming Transformers cartoon (currently going under the working title Heroes).  According to cuddles, David emailed her and said he has been cast as the voice of…Optimus Prime!  Thanks to Big Bot of the 2005Boards for the heads-up on this.

Whew!  That's quite a lot to take in.  Time will tell which rumours will be debunked, and which will become cold hard fact!