Notes from IDW Panel #2

The IDW team returned to Botcon Sunday afternoon for an encore presentation and a second round of questions and answers.  Here are a few news items from the second panel…

  • There may be an oversized collection, perhaps as much as 600 pages, of out-of-print MTMTE profiles and so forth.
  • In response to a question about the possibility of a Cybertron comic from IDW: Not now – "Hasbro didn't really want to focus on that."
  • Another question about plans for a MTMTE-style profile book for the movie characters: probably not before the movie; afterwards, they'll have to see what happens with the movie-verse.
  • There are plans for an extra page in the TF:TM adaptation trade paperback, offering an explanation of what the combiners and 1985 characters were doing at the time of the battle at Autobot City.
  • In response to another question on why all the IDW books are not appearing in the larger retail chains: "Wait till next year" for a large-scale movie-related initiative with big retailers.



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