“Not Much” Left From Botcon

What's left for souvenir seekers who didn't make it to Botcon this year?  In the words of Brian Savage in an e-mail to Transformers Collectors Club members: "Not much."  Pre-order shipments have gone out, and they're down to the reserve figures.

How much is "not much," exactly?  To quote directly from the club e-mail…

"We have just put into the store the last 38-boxed sets.  There are no loose sets left, no souvenirs left, and currently we are planning to re-order some T-shirts, as there are not any of them left either.  There are a couple of the zippered hooded jackets, hats, posters and the comic book and that is it.  (Watch for the cover variant next month at your local comic book shop and in our store.)"

Check out the limited supply at the Club Store!