No 6″ Ti Thundercracker for Australia?

Thanks to Burn of the forums for this news.  Apparently the release of 6" Titaniums Thundercracker is questionable for the Australian market at this point.  The original case assortment had Thundercracker in it, but now has apparently seen a revisement from the folks at Hasbro.

This news comes via an email that Burn received from Casefresh stating the following…
"Please note that the assortment provided to us by Hasbro has changed from what they originally presented. Unfortunately this has seen the removal of Thundercracker from this assortment. At this stage Hasbro can give us no information in regards to the future release of this character. We will continue to follow this up with Hasbro and once any information comes to hand it will be placed back for pre-order on the website."

Since nothing official has been announced from Hasbro themselves, we'll chalk this up as speculative for the time being.