New Reprolabels

Delta Star of has emailed us to give the following update.

We have SEVEN new sets to show you. There's some neat stuff here, especially for you Alternators/Binaltech fans.

1) Luxury Autobot symbols. As featured on the main page at, the total cost for this set is $0! For every $20 you spend at, you will get one of these sets for free. They're chrome gold 'Bot symbols printed on flat black stock – the perfect compliment to a minty toy.

2) Hydradread! Alternators Meister is back on shelves everywhere. Get yourself another one and use this set to make him into a modern, alternative fuel guzzling Decepticon. Thanks to Bill Spencer for this fantastic set, based on a real life Mazda concept car:

3) Alt Mirage. Add some G1 styling to the new Alternators Mirage, not the least of which is his trademark 26. Thanks to James Beane for the resources.

Click the link below for the rest of the update.

4) Alert-2-Prowl. Many of you have swapped the heads between your BTA Alert and BT/Alt Prowl. You've already seen our set to make Prowl look like Red Alert. Now use this one to make Alert look more like Prowl. Complete with optional squad car numbers for the roof (thanks to Mike Spector for that idea).

5) WST Superion. We've all seen 'em on Ebay. Tiny versions of the Aerialbots, built to perfection except for one little detail – they come with terrible stickers! Now you can fix that. We offer expertly resized versions of this set for the 14cm and 18cm versions. Thanks to Mick Leonard for all the help here:

6) Omnibots. Yes, you asked for more G1 sets, and we are listening. Justin Goguen meticulously vectorized the stickers for all three G1 Omnibots, so that you can have them all in this compact sticker set:

7) Nightbeat. Another G1 set. This Headmaster's side flames seem to be wearing out on every vintage Nightbeat around. This will help fix that problem, thanks again to Justin Goguen:  Thanks to Delta Star for the news!