New Details of Remastered TF:TM Release

Joe Moore of the TFW2005 board has just received a copy of the remastered DVD of Transformers: The Movie.  This DVD is scheduled to release on Nov 7th. 2006.  Joe has graciously posted the 2-Disc breakdown of the set.  Here is a rundown of what is on the DVDs.

Disc 1:
– 16×9 Theatrical Widescreen Version
– Autobot Matrix of Knowledge Version. Full Length film with fun facts
– Audio Commentary with Director Nelson Shin, Story Consultant Flint Dille, and Voice Actor Susan Blu
– Fan Commentary with Joe Moore (that's me), Tony Bacala (credited as Alex Weiner), J.E. Alvarez (of the Transformers Collectors' Club Council) and Paul Hitchens (of the Space Bridge)
– Original Theatrical Trailer
– TV Spots
– Photo Gallery containing character sheets and rare movie press items
– Cinex and Credit Tests – Featuring color, animation and effects tests
– Scramble city with Commentary by J.E. Alvarez and Tony Bacala
– Remastering Side-by-Side comparison
– Transformers 2007 Sneak Peak (all new, not the one shown at Botcon)
– Transformers 2007 Teaser Trailer
– Videogame Trailer (not TF game)
– Special Edition DVD Trailer
– G1 Series Trailer (announcing a Sony release of G1 on DVD in 2007!)

Disc 2
– Full Screen Version (cropped from 16×9 presentation)
– Active autobot Trivia Game for DVD-Rom
– Death of Optimus Prime Featurette
– Cast and Characters Featurette
– Q and A Featurette
– All Featurette with Nelson Shin, Flint Dille, Susan Blu, Joe Bacal (producer) and Tom Griffin (producer)
– Original Promotional Trailer with Commentary by Paul Hitchens
– Test, Deleted and Alternate Footage with Commentary by Paul Hitchens
– Animated Story Boards featuring a Deleted Scene
– Us and Japanese Toy Commercials
– Scramble city Commercials
– DVD-Rom links to exclusive content

You can see Joe's original post here