Nemesis Prime, Other New Stuff at Casefresh

The elusive Alternator Nemesis Prime has surfaced – perhaps briefly – once again!  The San Diego Comicon exclusive infamous for selling out quickly on US Web sites is currently listed as "in stock" at Australian online retailer Casefresh.  Check out the product listing here!  Nemesis' Casefresh price is $45 in Australian currency, which at the time of this writing converts to just under $34 US.  Of course, that's without the shipping.

Also new at Casefresh this week: 6" Titanium Scourge, Jetfire and Optimal Optimus; several 3" Titaniums including Grimlock, Scorponok and Predaking; preorders for a load of Classics, including Mini-Cons and Legends of Cybertron repaints as well as the larger Classics figures; Alternators Mirage, Camshaft, Rumble and Ravage; and DVD 20th Anniversary Prime.

Thanks to Allspark member Falcadore for passing this tip along!