Madman Entertainment Online Sale On November 4th

Our dear friends over at Seibertron have recieved an e-mail from someone named N_Cluber, which states that Madman Entertainment, an Australian online DVD store, are having a 10 Hour sale on all in stock items on November 4th, to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. All in stock DVD's will be priced at $10 during this event.   

So, what does this have to do with Transformers? Well, those of you in need of various
Transformers series* on DVDs, especially you in Australia, could perhaps check this online store out on November 4th. So mark your calendars, and happy shopping!

Go here to check out Madman Entertainments store, and go here to see the e-mail Seibertron recieved from N_Cluber.

(*Appearantly, stuff like "Beast Wars Season 3" and "Best of G1" arent part of this deal.)

Many thanks to Air Commander Starscream of Seibertron, N_Cluber and of course Madman Entertainment for this news.