IDW Publishing: Previews

We recently reported on IDW's upcoming 'Spotlight: Sixshot'.  Well, due at the newstands sometime this coming week, we will be seeing Stormbringer #4 and Spotlight Nightbeat.  IDW Publishing just posted previews of these on their website.  You can find the previews here.

Some additional comic news.  Thanks to Commander Shockwav of the Allspark forums for posting September's Transformer Comic sales rankings.  The following shows how Transformers Comics measured up to each other, as well as to other Comic sales in the month of September.

September TF sales rankings in.

109 Stormbringer #3
113 Shockwave Spotlight
117 TF Evolutions: Hearts of Steel #4
152 TF Generations #7

TPB Rank

57 TF/GIJoe Art of War Crossover
60 TF Infiltration