G1 Reissue Astrotrain to see Australian Distribution

{mosimage}Many overseas fans have often criticized Hasbro for the number of exclusives given in the U.S. market.  Understandably, it makes it difficult for them to obtain an exclusive item without high import costs and the hassles associated in dealing with overseas sellers.

Well you can now chalk one up for the overseas fans.  Australian board fansite Theyareamongus has reported that two seperate members have sighted G1 Reissue Astrotrain, previously a Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive, in Australian Kmarts.  It would appear that Hasbro has decided to give the figure to Aussie Kmarts as an quasi-exclusive.  Perhaps they did not sell enough through HTS or maybe this was planned all along.  Either way, our friends down under are in for a treat.